Delfin – Stikling

Delfin Stikling color "Ag/Red" caught this nice seatrout!

Delfin Stikling color ”Ag/Red” caught this nice seatrout!

Many places in Norway sticklebacks are abundant in both fresh- and saltwater – and big trout’s love to feed on them. As the Norwegian name suggest, Stikling is made to mimic sticklebacks and other small baitfish. When designing this lure, Arnulf Hoff shaped a back that works a little like a keel. It keeps the lure in balance and ads to the teasing side-to-side movements that no fish can resist.

History of Delfin: Back in 1882 Arnulf Hoff created the first Delfin lures to be sold from his jeweler shop in Norway. As a jeweler and goldsmith he was always paying attention to details and his lures soon became a popular choice for anglers all over Scandinavia. The Delfin lures you buy today are based on the knowledge and craftsmanship of the man who created them so many years ago…

Delfin Stikling

Delfin Stikling

Delfin Stikling

·        Materials: Copper (Cu)

·        Genuine silver plating (Ag) on some models

·        Hook: Eagle Claw L374G Bronze #6 and 4

·        Designed and Developed in Norway

Delfin Stikling is available in 10g/58mm, 16g/75mm and in 5 different colors (Cu/Red, Ag/Red, Cu/Ag, Ag/Blue, Cu/Black)

Expected price level:

  • 10g: 49 DKK / 49 SEK / 49 NOK / 5,39 €
  • 16g: 59 DKK / 69 SEK / 59 NOK / 6,79 €
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