Big Bob – 3 new colors!

Color "Lively Clupea"

Color ”Lively Clupea”

Color "Lively Melano"

Color ”Lively Melano”

Color "Lively Pollac"

Color ”Lively Pollac”

When it comes to catching monster cods no sea fishing lure does it better than the Big Bob jigs from Magic Minnow. This lure was introduced last year and soon became a favorite for specialist sea anglers targeting some of the biggest cods in the World. During the season it also proved to be a great for halibut fishing.

This year three new colors of the Big Bob are introduced just as the season for Skrei is starting. The three colors named ”Lively Clupea”, ”Lively Pollac” and ”Lively Melano” are all realistic, fishlike colors that will work on days when the monsters are being a bit tricky.

Every year during late winter and early spring the so called “Skrei” – the big pelagic cods from the Barents Sea – gathers close to the coastline of northern Norway of to eat and spawn. The amount of fish is unbelievable and the biggest cods found here are the biggest cods found anywhere in the World. Big Bob is designed to play with these big boys as well as the biggest halibuts. No matter if you are out to set a new European cod record or out to catch a big “barren door”, you now have the choice of trying Big Bob in two sizes: Big Bob at 480g and 30cm or the really Big Bob at 730g and 40cm.

·        2 models: 480g/30cm – 730g/40 cm

·        Designed for huge cod

·        Active eyes

·        Durable painting

·        Ultra sharp and strong sea fishing hook

·        Attachment wire-eye for additional stinger hooks

·        Great swimming-action

·        100+ Lbs PE braid assist hook rig included

·        Heavy wire Japanese style saltwater treble

Big Bob jigs contains lead and are not sold in Denmark.

Expected price level:

  • 480g: 259 SEK / 229 NOK / 19,99 €
  • 700g: 259 SEK / 249 NOK / 24,99 €
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