Westin jigs – excellent perch fishing

Peter Kirkby with danish perch on 1250g and 42cm

Peter Kirkby with danish perch on 1250g and 42cm

Peter Rasmussen,_perch_1375g_45cm_on Westin PaddleTeez

Peter Rasmussen, perch 1375g 45cm on Westin PaddleTeez

On a couple of boat sessions Peter Kirkby from Kinetic and his friends had some excellent perch fishing, while testing Edge rods and Westin jigs. Several perch over one kilo were caught and the two biggest both balanced the scale at 1375 g. The length measures were 43 and 45 cm.

During the latest trip a Westin PaddleTeez in ”Confused Tomato” color accounted for the 45 cm fish while vertical jigging. Also the new Westin TwinTeez proved to be deadly when shortened down and fished on a drop shot rig.

Big perch on Westin PaddleTeez_

Big perch on Westin PaddleTeez

If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:info@fairpoint.dk

Westin TwinTeez color "Baitfish"

Westin TwinTeez color ”Baitfish”

Westin PaddleTeez color "Confused Tomato"

Westin PaddleTeez color ”Confused Tomato”

The new Westin RoundUp Jigheads

The new Westin RoundUp Jigheads

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