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Big salmon – Vättern


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Big Dutch zanders

Vertical jigging for huge zanders in mid water is a method that has revolutionized zanderfishing in Sweden. In numbers traditional vertical jigging near – and on ­– the bottom can be just as productive, but once the zanders are pinpointed … Läs mer

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Westin Platypus – Pike 13,2kg


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Young angler – huge pike

The 23cm version of Westin Jätte is a perfect big-predator-lure for trolling and targeting huge pike. A home-painted Westin Jätte was part of the lure selection when Swedish Ola Nilsson, his friend Mattias Jönsson and the nephew of Mattias – … Läs mer

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Salmon from the shore – Vättern

Last week Daniel Nilsson – one of our Swedish Kinetic / Fairpoint Outdoors sales representatives had combined a sales meeting with some fishing in the large Swedish lake, Vättern. ­Costumers Carl Schander and Martin Danielsson from the shop “Böjda Spön” … Läs mer

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Westin lures – huge pikes

Joakim Eriksson and Christer Lindström are two Swedish pike specialists catching a lot of big pikes every year. Some of the latest catches on Westin lures by the two skilled pike anglers are a couple of fish weighing in at … Läs mer

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Westin jigs – excellent perch fishing

On a couple of boat sessions Peter Kirkby from Kinetic and his friends had some excellent perch fishing, while testing Edge rods and Westin jigs. Several perch over one kilo were caught and the two biggest both balanced the scale … Läs mer

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