Spectacular Salmon & Fly Fishing Action

Einar Gjaldbaek with hands full of silver!

Einar Gjaldbaek with hands full of silver!

Clear water and bright chrome sea liced salmons are a dream come true for most salmon anglers. Watching a beautiful Icelandic salmon river is a spectacular sight and it becomes even more spectacular; once the cameras dive down to get a close up of the action below the surface.

Salmon fishing on Iceland has become a yearly event for Kinetic Test Team member David Thormar, His father Einar Gjaldbæk and their friends. Once you have seen this video you’ll understand why.

David Thormar - Kinetic test team member

David Thormar – Kinetic test team member

Getting meassured before releasing

Getting meassured before releasing

David releasing a nice salmon

David releasing a nice salmon

David and Einar were using 9 feet #6 and 10 feet #7 Hardy Zenith single hand rods. Their preferred fly lines are RIO Dart – a short head WF line made exclusively for Scandinavia by RIO Products ­– and the versatile RIO VersiTip line that will easily adapt to changing water conditions.



Please note that Hardy and RIO Products are only represented by Fairpoint Outdoors A/S in Scandinavia

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