Tromsø Halibut – fun movie clip

 In August this year, three people from  Kinetic went for some Halibut action in Tromsø, Norway. The crew consisted of the product developer for Fairpoint Outdoors, Elias Narvelo and the experienced sea-anglers Jakob Lindberg and Nikolaj Bielecki. Given Jakob’s and Nikolaj’s experience from previous tours, the expectations were high.

The small one, became the largest one

The small one, became the largest one


They arrived on Friday the 19th, and began to fish directly. Fishing was slow with few contacts, but Elias caught one on 20,5 kg in the end of the day on the Giant Jighead 450 g. For the remaining days, they gave everything they had with about 14 hours of fishing each day. The large flounder was simply gone. During the four days of fishing they had 10-15 bites (probably smaller fish) and Nikolaj also lost two Halibut that seemed to be of larger size. So to sum up Elias got four halibuts and Nikolaj three. The “biggest” was the one Elias caught on 20.5 kg and the rest were between 8 – 17 kg. They tested a lot of stuff and all three were fishing with Edge 3776 Boat 20-30 lbs and Godspeed Boat 20-30 lbs with Tica SS458R / V reels.
All of our Magic Minnow jigs became hard tested and all Halibut’s that came up were released naturally back into their element.


We’ve made a short movie with some fun action, enjoy!



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