Salmon and monster pike on Kinetic rods

Jonna Nilsson with salmon and Kristian Svensson with nice pike

Jonna Nilsson with salmon and Kristian Svensson with nice pike

For all kinds of trolling the Kinetic Godspeed G2 Inline rod has become a really popular rod.  One of many who love these rods is Christoffer “Totta” Heurlin. When he’s not out fishing, he works selling fishing tackle in the shop “Skene Järn” in Sweden.

In the end of September Christoffer and his girlfriend Jonna Nilsson was trolling in the Baltic Ocean near Simrishamn in the southeastern part of Sweden. This day the Godspeed rods proved their worth. Not only did Christoffer catch a 100 cm salmon weighing 11.7 kilos using one of his Godspeed G2 Inline 9’ rods and 0.34 RIO Powerflex Braid, but his girlfriend caught an even bigger fish measuring 115 cm with a an estimated weight of over 13 kilos – also on a Godspeed Rod.

Jonna fighting the big salmon on Godspeed G2 Inline

Jonna fighting the big salmon on Godspeed G2 Inline

For pike trolling the inline rods are equally popular. During the first week of October Kristian Svensson – a friend of Christoffer – caught a monster of a pike measuring 124 cm but with a weight of only 11.27 kilos. In peak condition a fish like this would be really massive!

This huge fish was caught using the 9’ Godspeed G2 Inline rod for trolling a livebait in a local lake.

The big pike was released after a few photos and actually Christoffer and his friends also release most of the salmon they catch while trolling.

 If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Info on Godspeed G2 Inline:

Godspeed G2 Inline

Godspeed G2 Inline

Godspeed rods – the next generation

Even within the popular and trusted Godspeed range of rods we were able to make a few smaller changes for some rods to perform better than ever before. These improvements as well as a change to a more up front design resulted in several generation two (G2) rods introduced this year. This includes the Godspeed G2 Inline rods. The new rod comes in a medium model ­(8’6” – 10-20 lbs) and a medium heavy model (9´ – 20-30 lbs).


  • Pac Bay DPS reel seat
  • ´TORAY´ High Performance Carbon blanks
  • Reinforced with 1K woven carbon
  • Premium grade EVA back handle
  • Polygon ergonomic front handle

For more information visit:

Marketing Coordinator, Peter Kirkby

 Direct: +45 22 12 76 70

Fairpoint Outdoors: +45 48 10 38 00



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