Light tackle mackerel bonanza


Amer fighting mackerel on Edge Dynamic Light Spin

Amer fighting mackerel on Edge Dynamic Light Spin

The mackerels found in Oresund – the strait between Denmark and Sweden – are very strong fighters. They are usually scarce in numbers but quite big in size and this makes light tackle fishing for these mini-torpedo’s a challenge and great experience when you succeed.

Lately Kinetics sales representative in southern Sweden, Fredrik Lundblad, has been very successful when using small strips of herring and serving these in a depth of 6-9 meters.

This Monday morning he was out fishing day together with Amer Zukanovic from the tackle shop Piscari in Helsingborg. This was a great opportunity to test some of the new tackle that will be available in the shops from 2012.  In this case it was a new Edge Dynamic Light Spin rod (9’6” 3-15 g) and the new TiCA Stunna reel. Both rod and reel performed at their very best and during Fredrik and Amer’s short session the two of them caught 20 mackerels from 700 to 1000 grams – in other words a real light tackle mackerel bonanza.

Amer with two nice mackerels caught on Öresund

Amer with two nice mackerels caught on Öresund


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