Westin Mini Jerk

The trend in Scandinavian pikefishing is towards more fun and lighter tackle. The new suspending Mini Jerk is easy to cast and fish on a normal spinning rod as well as a light jerkbait set-up. At a size of 100 mm and 32 g it doesn’t spook big, vary pikes and you can also try jerking or ”cast and retrieve” for perch, seatrout and many others species.

This lure offers perfect castability. You can use it at a steady, fast retrieve in warmer water or at a slow retrieve in cold water. You can also try occasional spin stops and Westin Mini Jerk can even be fished by twitching it or using small, gentle jerk movements.

Westin Mini Jerk - color chart

Westin Mini Jerk - color chart


• 32 g / 100 mm     • 15 different colors      • Lead free     • Material: ABS Plastic
• Hook: VMC 9649 BN     • Suspending – running depth: 0-0.5 m     • Full wire-through-body construction

 Film inspelad i Danmark 2010 av Peter Kirkby. Medverkande är Thomas Petersen och Elias Narvelo

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