Another Monsterpike on Westin Jätte

Danish big pike specialist Theis Kragh rigged up his Kinetic rods with Develfish Trolling linecounter reels and Westin lures in search of some big Scandinavian pikes in a large water. He only had few days of fishing but the timing was right. Trolling the 230 mm Westin Jätte proved to be extremely efficient and a lot of pikes were tempted. Some colors were outstanding measured in numbers of fish, but actually the color “Concealed Fish” turned out to be the overall winner.

In numbers this color wasn’t doing very well, but the average weight of the pikes turned on by the large Concealed Fish-colored Westin lure was impressive and the biggest one was a monster measuring 125 cm and 14.1 kilos!
Peter Kirkby



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